What Sets Us Apart

Lifetimes of Bee-utiful, Healthy Smiles Start with Dr. Buzz!

Did you know that a child’s early dental experiences can have a lasting impact on how they feel about dentistry?

It is important your little one has only positive, fun-filled visits to establish comfort in the dental environment. That way they grow up feeling secure in caring for their oral health and excited about keeping their smile healthy and bright.

Dr. Buzz, and his team understand the role we play in making your child feel at home in the dental office. We provide a reassuring and child-friendly space in which your little one, and you, will always be listened to, supported, and encouraged!

Why Choose Our Pediatric Dental Office?

Dr. Buzz and his team are educated professionals who love dentistry and children. We love coming to work every day and it shows in our commitment to service and excellence!

Above all, we are devoted to the Golden Rule:

We treat every parent and each child as we would want to be treated and as we would expect our own children to be treated.

In practice, that means we really listen to you and your child, actively interacting and engaging, learning what you want and what you need. Each family has individual concerns and goals, and we want to know what’s important to you. This builds trust and rapport, as we show that we respect your desires for your child.

We take dentistry seriously and want you and your child to feel comfortable and at ease in our office. Dr. Buzz is a conservative doctor: he will always recommend what is best for your child’s specific concerns, developing a treatment approach that establishes oral health and then maintains it, for life!

Dr. Buzz and his team believe that working with children is an enormous privilege. We expect kids to be kids – not little adults – and love each child for their wonderful unique personality and the energy they bring into our lives!

Through our focus on prevention and education, we will be your partners as your little one grows. Using kid-friendly words, carefully explaining every process, and welcoming you into the treatment area, we provide the best dental experiences – one child at a time.

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Located in Franklin, TN, our pediatric dental office serves families from Brentwood, Spring Hill, Columbia, and surrounding communities. Please contact us to learn more about the care we offer and schedule a visit.

Located in Savannah, TN, our pediatric dental office serves families from Adamsville, Selmer, and Waynesboro, and surrounding communities. Please contact us to learn more about the care we offer and schedule a visit.

We are all excited to be part of your child’s life, helping them grow up with a bright, healthy, and bee-utiful smile!